Parts And Prices

Looking for Stealth VAWT Parts & Prices?

It’s always nice to have access to replacement parts if something breaks, but what if you only need a few parts to begin with? What if you’d like to put something together on your own and you’re looking for parts and prices? Maybe you have a PMA or PMG or some other type of generator that you would like to use with the Stealth VAWT? You can either send me your generator so that I can make a custom 2″ inch diameter center tube to mount to the input shaft of your generator. Or maybe you can make your own, or have one made locally. The 2″inch locking collars connected to the blade mounting rings should slide over your custom made center tube. You just tighten the set screw against the shaft and it’s ready to spin. If you make your own, you just saved $175.00 because you manufactured that component by yourself.

Prices will change eventually, but if you watch this video and are still interested please use the contact form on this website to tell me what you need.

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Recommended but not mandatory

I’d like to reiterate. While I highly recommend the Freedom II with the purchase of the Stealth VAWT, that’s not to say there is nothing out there that would not perform as well or better. I’m simply saying that out of the three permanent magnet alternators I’ve purchased for testing with the Stealth VAWT, the Freedom II performs best for my needs.

48/96 volt Freedom II

Recommended by me, but not available through me.

If you are a manufacture of permanent magnet alternators, or axial flux generators and would like to send me one to see if it’s compatible with the stealth vawt, please do. If it works well with my vawt I will be happy to recommend your product as well. I might also like to buy your product for resale in my store if it’s priced so that I can have a little profit on the sale.

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G0602 Grizzly 10” x 22” Benchtop Metal Lathe | eBay

The Works

If you order a complete unit like the one in the Photo above, your cost will be  around $1800.00. If you buy more than one unit you will enjoy a discount. Materials are ordered after I’ve received the first 50 percent deposit and work starts as soon as materials arrive. The remaining balance must be received before the unit can be delivered. Please allow me 6 to 8 weeks to complete your order.

Individual Parts and Prices

One fully assembled, primer coated Stealth VAWT turbine with the center tube.


One fully assembled, primer coated Stealth VAWT without the center tube.


One – Aluminum center tube with custom stainless steel adapter nut installed.


One Primer coated Stealth VAWT blade.


Two – Twelve blade mounting rings with 2″ inch ID locking collars $25.00 ea


Four – 1″ OD 7/16″ ID X 1 1/2″ inch long aluminum spacers at $3.00 each.


One – Top of pole mounting bracket for a Freedom or Freedom II PMA


FRM-200 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount

$66.99 At the moment.

Check their website for current pricing.